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Unique Minds Celebrated at FilmAcademy360 Film Festival & Art Exhibit

For the third year, family, friends and the general public are invited to attend FilmAcademy360’s annual Film Festival. This exciting evening of film, video, and digital and traditional artwork will be held on Wednesday, May 17th at the Morris Museum's Bickford Theatre. Viewing starts at 6:30 pm.

We Count on Community!

The goal of Academy360 Upper School’s Young Adult Program (YAP) is to prepare each student to be as independent as possible according to their unique needs. As a Consumerism (Math) teacher in this program, I am honored to be a part of this process! Using the "Next Dollar Up Strategy." For the past six weeks, [...]

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Students display Lego Artwork at Morris Museum

Recently, the Morris Museum invited Academy360 Upper School students to participate in an exciting art project using Legos that will be part of their upcoming exhibition, Engineering Brick Art. When they received the news of the assignment, the students were instantly excited and so was I. Nancy Romain, Chair of the Morris Museum Access-ABILITY Committee, requested that I choose [...]

FREE Spectrum of Options Seminar – 21st Century Safety

21st Century Safety for Children and Adults on the Spectrum: Issues and Strategies Characteristics of autism such as communication deficits, unpredictable and challenging behaviors, and tendency to wander make individuals on the autism spectrum especially susceptible to injury. It is essential for families and caregivers to recognize critical safety issues in the home and community and to [...]

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Free Spectrum of Options Seminar

Loss and Grief in the Lives of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Loss is the experience that "someone or something that once was is no more;" grief is the feeling of that loss; and mourning is the expression, private and communal, of that grief. For persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities loss (sometimes dismissed as "just change") has been a near-constant life companion. This session [...]

Middle School students cast their ballot on November 8th for Author-of-the-Year!

Choosing a president was not the only election that took place on November 8th this year. Over the past several weeks, election fever has been mounting at Academy360 Lower School as well.  One way to help our students understand the election process was to help them go through an election that was relevant to them. And so, [...]

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Creating Community at Spectrum360

Spectrum360 is more than an organization; it is a community. It permeates all that we do. Acting as a community is an integral part of our work, and we continually strive to create a deep sense of belonging and connection for the individuals we serve, their families, our staff, and our supporters. It is this sense of community [...]