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Family Education

At Academy360, we know that parents/family caregivers are the constant in a child’s life. We work to support families through education, training and other programs.

Family Workshop Series

Our Spectrum of Options Seminars are designed to provide parents with the tools to effectively address the needs of children with autism and behavioral and related disabilities in the home and community to enhance their development. Academy360’s staff and other leading professionals provide training on evidence-based best practices such as: managing challenging behaviors and increasing independence in the home and community. Many of our workshops are free and open to the public and the professional community.

Parent Support Groups

We know that raising a child with a disability can be challenging. That’s why Academy360 offers support to parents of our Lower School and Upper School students. Our free Parent Support Groups are a chance to connect with other members of our community in a relaxed and supportive setting. Groups are led by our clinical staff and provide the opportunity to learn from other parents’ experiences and share your own, learn about professional and community resources, and enjoy the support of others dealing with similar concerns and issues. Dinner and childcare are provided during all Parent Support Groups.

In-Home Parent Training Program

Our In-Home Parent Training Program provides opportunities for Academy360’s professional staff to work directly with families and caregivers in the home. We provide training in specific interventions and strategies to manage their child’s behaviors. Extended family, caregivers and other therapists working in the home are encouraged to take part in this training.