Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Pays It Forward

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For young adults on the spectrum, the opportunity to work with younger students is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem. Through Peer-to-Peer Tutoring offered by Academy360 Upper School’s Community Based Work Experience program (CBWE), they can do just that! Peer-to-peer tutoring has been run by the CBWE for six years, bringing older students into [...]

Rutgers Students Vote to Support Spectrum360

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This past Spring semester, students at Rutgers University - Newark’s School of Public Affairs and Administration selected Spectrum360 for a special $1,000 donation as part of a unique project in experiential philanthropy.  Students enrolled in Dr. Madinah Hamidullah’s Human Resources Administration course were provided with funds through a generous grant from Rutgers University - Newark’s Seed [...]

FilmAcademy360 Featured in People & Families Magazine

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FilmAcademy360 was recently featured in People & Families magazine, published by the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities. And we got the cover!! Download the PDF and read the article now. Here are a few quotes from the story: When Vincent Lissandrello graduated from Spectrum 360 Upper School in 2015, he already had several years of [...]

Guardianship Process Made Easier by New Court Rules on September 1st

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In New Jersey, a child is considered an emancipated person at age 18, regardless of the severity of disability. As a result, parents of special needs children no longer have the legal right to make medical, legal, financial or personal decisions for children over age 18 even if the child is unable to do so him [...]

6th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament Gets a Hole in One!

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By Corinne Frankenfield What a day for a golf tournament! September 13th provided blue skies and perfect weather for Spectrum360’s 6th Annual Fore the Kids Gold Tournament. This year’s event was held at the Montclair Golf Club, the 13th oldest club in America. Thank you to the over 100 golfers, sponsors, donors and community partners who [...]

Welcome to Spectrum360’s New Website

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Our recent name change from The Children's Institute to Spectrum360 was made in order to reflect the growth in our scope of services, and to better capture our mission, direction and sense of purpose. As part of this change we've launched a new website. We hope it helps us more effectively share program news and information [...]

FilmAcademy360 Wins NJSBA Innovation in Special Education Award

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By JENNIFER MILLER, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER, THE CHILDREN'S INSTITUTE May 26, 2015 at 6:50 PM FilmAcademy360 was recently presented with an Innovation in Special Education Award for its original way of engaging special needs students and preparing them for social and vocational success. Competing against 51 other public and private school programs, FilmAcademy360 was among ten [...]