5 Things That Can Help You Stay Calm During an IEP Meeting

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For me, staying calm equals winning. When my son was younger, I could easily be close to tears before I even walked into an IEP meeting. Many of us know what an emotional rabbit hole this journey can be, and as parents, we are coming from a much more vulnerable vantage point than the Principal, Director, teachers, [...]

Exploring Nature at the Essex County Environmental Center

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Every July I look forward to Academy360 Lower School’s middle school students and staff of returning to the Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland, NJ.  They visit as part of their Extended School Year program, and this was our ninth year together experiencing the natural environment in our wetland forest.  There are several different classes which [...]

Ask the BCBA: Tips for Enjoying the Summer Break

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Summer vacation… for many of us, this means fun, free time, and relaxation. However, for an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder, summer vacation can be a very difficult time of year. As we all know, many of our learners and children do best in an environment with a lot of structure, routines, and clear cut expectations. Additionally, [...]

How We Spent Our ESY!

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While our Extended School Year (ESY) program provides our students with continuity during the July, our schedule is a bit more relaxed and we vary the routine to take advantage of some fun summer activities.  From swimming to hiking, to our annual and much anticipated S360 Sports Day, we use the ESY opportunity to help [...]

In the CulinaryAcademy360 Kitchen: Summer Zucchini Noodles, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella

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Welcome back to our CulinaryAcademy360 Kitchen! We hope you came hungry to learn more! In our last two posts, we previewed two diverse meals that suit quite different cooking capabilities and tastes. While one was rich and decadent, the other was simple yet packed with Asian flavors. Now that we’re in the thick of summer and [...]

Fore! (the Kids)

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Somerset Hills Country Club   It’s almost that time again! We’re gearing up (and practicing our swings!) for the 7th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament. Set for October 2, 2017, this year’s tournament will be held at the scenic Somerset Hills Country Club in Bernardsville, NJ. Rated as one of the top 100 [...]

Speaking About Being an S360 Speech Intern

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As an undergraduate in the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology program at Bloomsburg University, my goal is to become a Speech Pathologist. My choice of major is a personal one. Growing up with a brother who has autism, I saw how speech therapy positively impacted his life and the progress he made. I chose to intern at [...]

Improving Speech Through Video Feedback : Dominic Before and After

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When I first met Dominic it was immediately obvious that he has natural charisma. He has an easy smile and enjoys interacting with others. He is very direct, he’ll tell you honestly what he thinks, but he is never judgmental and always polite. Dominic has a playful look in his eye and a quick wit. I [...]

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Pays It Forward

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For young adults on the spectrum, the opportunity to work with younger students is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem. Through Peer-to-Peer Tutoring offered by Academy360 Upper School’s Community Based Work Experience program (CBWE), they can do just that! Peer-to-peer tutoring has been run by the CBWE for six years, bringing older students into [...]

Rutgers Students Vote to Support Spectrum360

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This past Spring semester, students at Rutgers University - Newark’s School of Public Affairs and Administration selected Spectrum360 for a special $1,000 donation as part of a unique project in experiential philanthropy.  Students enrolled in Dr. Madinah Hamidullah’s Human Resources Administration course were provided with funds through a generous grant from Rutgers University - Newark’s Seed [...]