‘Walk For a Lifetime’ Is An Incredible Success

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Almost 800 of Spectrum360’s family and friends turned out on Sunday, May 7th, for the 5th annual “Walk for a Lifetime,” held at beautiful Verona Park. “This year's Walk for a Lifetime was an incredible success!” commented Diane Berry, Director of Development.“Perhaps equally important as the money raised was the wonderful sense of community we experienced [...]

Spectrum360 Welcomes New Board Members

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We’re excited to introduce three of the newest members of the Spectrum360 Board of Directors: Gregg Cuvin, Mark Green and Adam Lipkin. Our new appointees are thrilled to be a part of our all-volunteer board as the organization grows and expands in serving children, young adults, and adults on the spectrum. Please join us in welcoming [...]

Parent Night Out/Trivia Night Raises Funds for Spectrum360 Programs

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Inspired by a few parents who have gone before me in the realm of DIY Fundraising, I set out to plan a fun night out for parents which would simultaneously raise money for Spectrum360.  On Saturday February 11th, Spectrum360 families and friends came together at the Livingston Campus to enjoy a fun night for a great [...]

Setting the Pace for a Successful 2017 Walk for a Lifetime

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On Sunday, May 7 over 1,000 students, clients, families and community partners will join us at Verona Park for the 2017 Walk for a Lifetime, one of the most important fundraisers we hold at Spectrum360. Together, we aim to raise over $100,000 for students and clients on the autism spectrum. You may be wondering how you [...]

Your Shoes Were Made for Walking!

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On your mark, get set GO... save the date! On Sunday, May 7, 2017, the Walk for a Lifetime returns for its 5th year, and we couldn’t be more excited! Registration begins at 10 am sharp, and at noon, we walk! Join us for a fun and uplifting day! Join us in Verona Park, [...]

What’s in a Name? (Why the Title on Your Financial Accounts Matter)

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This issue is particularly crucial for parents with special needs children. A name often defines who we are and sometimes, even, who we become. This statement is also true for the name on your financial accounts. One of the biggest myths and misconceptions of estate planning is that a Will controls the disposition of all assets [...]

Free Spectrum of Options Seminar – Loss and Grief

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Loss and Grief in the Lives of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Loss is the experience that "someone or something that once was is no more;" grief is the feeling of that loss; and mourning is the expression, private and communal, of that grief. For persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities loss (sometimes dismissed as "just change") has been a near-constant life companion. This [...]

Creating Community at Spectrum360

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Spectrum360 is more than an organization; it is a community. It permeates all that we do. Acting as a community is an integral part of our work, and we continually strive to create a deep sense of belonging and connection for the individuals we serve, their families, our staff, and our supporters. It is this sense of [...]

6th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament Gets a Hole in One!

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By Corinne Frankenfield What a day for a golf tournament! September 13th provided blue skies and perfect weather for Spectrum360’s 6th Annual Fore the Kids Gold Tournament. This year’s event was held at the Montclair Golf Club, the 13th oldest club in America. Thank you to the over 100 golfers, sponsors, donors and community partners who [...]

Welcome to Spectrum360’s New Website

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Our recent name change from The Children's Institute to Spectrum360 was made in order to reflect the growth in our scope of services, and to better capture our mission, direction and sense of purpose. As part of this change we've launched a new website. We hope it helps us more effectively share program news and information [...]