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Classroom Technology

Lowe School stuydent putting iPads away after class -private special education in Verona NJWe believe in the balanced use of classroom technology and individualized instruction for each student.

Classroom technology as an instructional tool offers teachers the opportunity to deliver curricula and activities for students that are highly individualized, and can help ensure that the right content, delivered in the right way, is reaching students at just the right times.

We also recognize that the appropriate use of technology in the classroom requires that it be balanced with direct instruction with teachers.

Academy360 provides state-of-the-art technology resources in all classrooms.

Desktop computers, iPads, and handheld devices are used to deliver individualized and differentiated curricular instruction and learning assessments for each student.

Smartboards in each classroom are used for curriculum delivery in group and individual instruction.

Instructional staff are not only trained in the appropriate use of these devices and associated instructional software, but also when and how best to deploy them with our students.