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Inference Ace (Janine Toole)

Inference Ace Inference Ace is a great app to help reinforce the skill of inferencing. Inference Ace and Inference Ace 2 help students to improve reading comprehension by making inferences in multiple ways. Within each app, there are varying levels, each working on a different type of inference, such as who, what, where, when, why, actions, categorizing, and more. The student is given a short paragraph and need to choose the correct answer based on the information given in the text. There are supports or hints given to help the student determine a correct response, if needed. Each student can have their own account, which also tracks the performance for each level. There are two ways to use the apps. One way is to have the student unlock or master each level in order to move on to the next skill. Another way is to have the teacher choose the different skills the student needs to practice, by tapping on the characters nose 3 times, which will automatically unlock all levels. These apps are great to use with students who need help with inferencing skills.

Inference Ace is marketed by Janine Tool and is available in the iTunes App store (unlocked school edition) for 4.99


Posted by Noelle DiGiacomo at 4/27/2015

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