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Preference and Reinforcer Assessment App (Touch Autism)

The Preference & Reinforcer Assessment app, designed by a BCBA and based on preference assessments used in ABA settings, scientifically identifies motivating reinforcers for a student. Reinforcers are extremely important when working on reducing problem behaviors and teaching new skills. With simple step by step instructions, the app calculates the percentage of times each preference was selected, creates a bar graph of each student’s final results and saves them by date, allowing for easy review of previous results. Preferences, or suitability of different reinforcers often shift over time, so it’s valuable to continually perform preference assessments to make sure the stimuli you are using are still acting as effective reinforcers. This app makes the otherwise involved and time consuming assessment easy to do.Research has shown that caregiver and even self-report are not always the best indicators of actual preferences, making this app a valuable tool for behavior analysts and teachers to use when identifying potent reinforcers for a student. However, it is easy enough for a parent to use as well. The app includes such features as descriptions of all of the types of preference assessments, a timer to determine the end of a trial, a timer to indicate how long each item is engaged with, the ability to assign a color to each item, the ability to customize each assessment type and specific instructions and visuals to help you set up and run the assessment. This app is based on the principles of a scientific preference assessment as described in the 1996 article published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis by DeLeon, I. G., & Iwata, B. A. “Evaluation of a multiple stimulus presentation format for assessing reinforcer preferences” 29, 519-533

The Preference and Reinforcer Assessment App is marketed by Touch Autism and is available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99


Posted by Val Triano at 4/6/2015

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