Ask the Clinical Department: Tips for Talking to Your Child about Mass Shootings and Other Traumatic Events

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Many parents and guardians may have questions and concerns regarding if and how to talk to their children when a tragedy such as the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada occurs.  Undoubtedly, this recent shooting has evoked many emotions in all of us. Children may struggle with their thoughts and feelings about the stories and [...]

Party with S360 at the Hall of Fame Dinner

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Save the date because we’re about to celebrate! On November 15th, Spectrum360 will hold its 4th annual Hall of Fame dinner at the gorgeous Park Savoy Estate in Florham Park, NJ. As in years past, it will be an inspiring night to remember with dinner, dancing, auctions, and a DJ. This year, we’re proud to honor two [...]

Welcome Back!

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Our students and staff hit the ground running during the first week of school. There were lots of smiles and laughter, and everyone was ready to get back to the business of learning after the summer break. Please enjoy this photo gallery from the first few days at Academy360 Lower School and Upper School.

Transitioning from School to the Adult World

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One Family's Experience "The transition from Academy360 Upper School (“school” as my son Rob called it) to Independence360 (I360) was seamless. We were extremely anxious about Rob graduating and transitioning to the adult world. Rob is so routine oriented and he had become deeply attached to Academy360 Upper School’s staff, most specifically Megan and Kelly as [...]

Ask the BCBA: Tips for Enjoying the Summer Break

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Summer vacation… for many of us, this means fun, free time, and relaxation. However, for an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder, summer vacation can be a very difficult time of year. As we all know, many of our learners and children do best in an environment with a lot of structure, routines, and clear cut expectations. Additionally, [...]

In the CulinaryAcademy360 Kitchen: Summer Zucchini Noodles, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella

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Welcome back to our CulinaryAcademy360 Kitchen! We hope you came hungry to learn more! In our last two posts, we previewed two diverse meals that suit quite different cooking capabilities and tastes. While one was rich and decadent, the other was simple yet packed with Asian flavors. Now that we’re in the thick of summer and [...]

‘Walk For a Lifetime’ Is An Incredible Success

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Almost 800 of Spectrum360’s family and friends turned out on Sunday, May 7th, for the 5th annual “Walk for a Lifetime,” held at beautiful Verona Park. “This year's Walk for a Lifetime was an incredible success!” commented Diane Berry, Director of Development.“Perhaps equally important as the money raised was the wonderful sense of community we experienced [...]

Spectrum360 Welcomes New Board Members

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We’re excited to introduce three of the newest members of the Spectrum360 Board of Directors: Gregg Cuvin, Mark Green and Adam Lipkin. Our new appointees are thrilled to be a part of our all-volunteer board as the organization grows and expands in serving children, young adults, and adults on the spectrum. Please join us in welcoming [...]

Proud Moment for Independence360’s CulinaryAcademy360 Program

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Prepping for Winterfest 2017 What an experience for the budding chefs in our CulinaryAcademy360 program at Independence360! On Saturday, March 12th, they showed off their skills and rubbed elbows with some of the best chefs in NJ...and all for a good cause. As the instructor for the adult classes for CulinaryAcademy360, I arranged for [...]

FREE Spectrum of Options Seminar – 21st Century Safety

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21st Century Safety for Children and Adults on the Spectrum: Issues and Strategies Characteristics of autism such as communication deficits, unpredictable and challenging behaviors, and tendency to wander make individuals on the autism spectrum especially susceptible to injury. It is essential for families and caregivers to recognize critical safety issues in the home and community and [...]