Kaylynn’s Excellent Adventure

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Kaylynn D.’s summer was anything but dull! The 15-year-old Academy360 Lower School student and her family spent almost four weeks touring Europe; traveling through Berlin, Prague, Slovenia, Venice, Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Paris and even spending time in London. Kaylynn playing at the Golden Key Competition The highlight of the trip was their visit to [...]

Ask the Clinical Department: Tips for Talking to Your Child about Mass Shootings and Other Traumatic Events

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Many parents and guardians may have questions and concerns regarding if and how to talk to their children when a tragedy such as the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada occurs.  Undoubtedly, this recent shooting has evoked many emotions in all of us. Children may struggle with their thoughts and feelings about the stories and [...]

FREE Spectrum of Options Seminar: What You Need to Know About Support Coordination

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Moving from student to the adult world can be a challenge for individuals with autism and related disabilities, as well as their families. This workshop will address the issues related to transition and support coordination. This free presentation will provide direction to individuals and their families in choosing a support coordination agency to help facilitate a [...]

Party with S360 at the Hall of Fame Dinner

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Save the date because we’re about to celebrate! On November 15th, Spectrum360 will hold its 4th annual Hall of Fame dinner at the gorgeous Park Savoy Estate in Florham Park, NJ. As in years past, it will be an inspiring night to remember with dinner, dancing, auctions, and a DJ. This year, we’re proud to honor two [...]

PSO360 Wants You! (to Join Us)

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PSO360 is the Parent-Staff Organization for Academy360 Upper and Lower Schools. Parents and staff come together to create enrichment events for all students across both campuses. When the organization rebranded from TCI to Spectrum360, the PSO rebranded as well. We went from being TCIPSO to PSO360. With the new name came several new things. We became [...]

Welcome Back!

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Our students and staff hit the ground running during the first week of school. There were lots of smiles and laughter, and everyone was ready to get back to the business of learning after the summer break. Please enjoy this photo gallery from the first few days at Academy360 Lower School and Upper School.

Transitioning from School to the Adult World

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One Family's Experience "The transition from Academy360 Upper School (“school” as my son Rob called it) to Independence360 (I360) was seamless. We were extremely anxious about Rob graduating and transitioning to the adult world. Rob is so routine oriented and he had become deeply attached to Academy360 Upper School’s staff, most specifically Megan and Kelly as [...]

5 Things That Can Help You Stay Calm During an IEP Meeting

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For me, staying calm equals winning. When my son was younger, I could easily be close to tears before I even walked into an IEP meeting. Many of us know what an emotional rabbit hole this journey can be, and as parents, we are coming from a much more vulnerable vantage point than the Principal, Director, teachers, [...]

Exploring Nature at the Essex County Environmental Center

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Every July I look forward to Academy360 Lower School’s middle school students and staff of returning to the Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland, NJ.  They visit as part of their Extended School Year program, and this was our ninth year together experiencing the natural environment in our wetland forest.  There are several different classes which [...]

Ask the BCBA: Tips for Enjoying the Summer Break

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Summer vacation… for many of us, this means fun, free time, and relaxation. However, for an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder, summer vacation can be a very difficult time of year. As we all know, many of our learners and children do best in an environment with a lot of structure, routines, and clear cut expectations. Additionally, [...]