Over the last six months, Spectrum360 has undergone a subtle brand change, embracing our uniqueness and strength. We have leaned into what makes us a leader in special needs education and adult services, setting the foundation for our growth and progress. The launch of the newly-redesigned Spectrum360.org is the culmination of a period of changes and adjustments that better reflect who we are.


Updated logo

In 2016 we rebranded as an organization with four distinct programs, each with its own identity and symbolic color. As Spectrum360 has grown, we now recognize that while these are different programs with different curriculums, they are all part of our single mission to provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language and social/emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential.

To symbolize this unity, we decided to merge the individual colors of each program into the inclusive color wheel you see today, representing Spectrum360 as a whole. This logo will be used when we talk about our programs – on our website, fundraising events and conferences – to make certain we share the lifetime of learning we provide students and adults with autism and related disabilities.


Saying Good-Bye to  “Formerly known as The Children’s Institute” 

For 50 years, The Children’s Institute was synonymous with the highest quality services for children with disabilities. When we rebranded in 2016 to better capture our expanded profile, we wanted to assure current and prospective families that the trusted TCI remained behind the new name. We included “formerly known as TCI” in all communications, stories, signatures, etc. to maintain that brand association.

Fast forward six years, Spectrum360 and its programs are itself associated with quality programming and services. While TCI will always be a part of our history, we no longer need to stress the connection to the past as part of our brand. 

We have slowly replaced our “formerly” tagline across our banners, signatures, website and, most recently, our Phone Message. Callers to Spectrum360 will now be greeted by a new voice, I360 staff member Shannara Trenfield, reflecting our forward-thinking great programs. 

With these updates we celebrate who we are, our achievements and the people who have made Spectrum360 what it is today. We look forward to what we will accomplish together in the future.