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FilmAcademy360 is a unique hands-on educational environment designed to help diverse learners explore and learn through filmmaking, video editing, game creation and graphic arts.


FilmAcademy360 is an after-hours, weekend and summer program open to all individuals in the community with autism spectrum disorder and related behavioral disabilities. Students must be age 14 and up.

Check out FilmAcademy360’s MediaCrunch YouTube Channel trailer below.

FilmAcademy360 productions include those made for individual self-expression, acting to teach social communication skills, preparation for higher education, employment and/or work, and providing professional services to commercial clients.

While we offer education and experience in high-level career skills and socialization, students enter FilmAcademy360 with all levels of proficiency, and can access classes that are adapted to various areas of interest and initial ability.

Our teaching and production environment is dynamic, social and team-oriented. There’s a role for every participant. We provide a learning and working environment that is inclusive and supportive, and where students can feel safe and accepted.

Giving a Voice to Individuals with a Unique Perspective

FilmAcademy360 participants have the opportunity to develop and publish their own videos, on topics of interest to them.

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