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FilmAcademy360 Curriculum

At FilmAcademy360, we offer a continuum of coursework designed to build both technical production skills, as well as social skills.

Courses are sequential and structured so that students across the spectrum can participate in the program. The curriculum allows students to have a basic introduction, focusing on building social skills, or move through the technical aspect of video production, as skills and interest dictate.

Courses are offered during the school day for students enrolled in Academy360 Upper School, and are also offered to members of the general community after school and on Saturday. Our Summer Film Academy offers these classes and more and is also open to all individuals in the community.

For students ages 14 and over, we offer 5 levels of learning, including a career path for older students, each with a range of course options. The program is carefully scaffolded so students can enjoy a successful experience.

Level I: Foundations

  1. Acting for the Camera I & II – Students use video to build social and communication skills. They learn basic “method” acting techniques and other acting tools to learn how to improve their on-camera performance. They can assess their ability by watching themselves on the film clips and then make adjustments and improvements to their posture, speaking, eye contact and self- confidence. Students learn to create an internal character that has the attributes they aspire to; self-confidence, assertiveness and positivity. This course has been shown effective in measurably increasing the ability to communicate more effectively in social and work environments.
  2. Intro to Video Production – Students learn the full process of video production which is broken down into three phases: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Each phase is explained and students have project-based assignments which foster deep learning. The course objective is to give participants an overview of what is involved in professional video production and to teach foundation skills which will build future learning.

Level II: Skill Building

  1. Media Crunch I – Hands on learning sessions in the TV production studio where students expand production skills.
  2. Adobe Prep – Students are introduced Premier, Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects to build technical skills.

Level III: Action

  1. Media Crunch II – Building on skills learning in Media Crunch I, students write, film, and edit original work.
  2. TV 101 – A unique dual enrollment program for students ages 16 and over that allows them to earn college credit through a cooperative arrangement with Bergen Community College.
  3. Adobe 101 & 201 – This two-semester course is structured to align with industry-recognized certification that will allow students to become ACA-Adobe Certified Associates. The coursework covers Flash, 3-D animation, video editing, photo shop and In-Design.
  4. Advanced Film Editing – Students use professionally filmed scenes from Editstock to learn narrative film editing with the use of scripts, shooting logs and storyboards. This class is intensive college level coursework for advanced students.

Level IV: Production Studio Internship

Students who have demonstrated skills and abilities have the opportunity to be part of our film crew and can build a resume through both paid and unpaid internships. Students can be part of FilmAcademy360’s Production Studio, a growing social enterprise initiative to employ adults on the autism spectrum.

Level V: Independent Career Path

FilmAcademy360 is recognized as a testing facility for ACA certification. Students who pass this rigorous national test receive private national certification.

Our ACA certified students have access to our equipment and studio, as well as technical and professional support as they build their own freelance businesses. They receive job supports, and job coaching as they launch their own freelance careers.