#GivingTuesday is underway today. Donations from supporters provide our students and adults with services and opportunities they would not otherwise have. Throughout today, we’d like to tell you about those who have benefited from the generosity of our community. Here is Luqman’s story.

Why Give to Spectrum360? For students like Luqman.

When Luqman started in our preschool program at 3 years old, he was unable to speak. Using picture exchange methods and speech devices over the years, Luqman began to produce sounds and words intentionally. At the age of 9, Luqman spoke his first words at our holiday concert!

If it weren’t for Academy360 Lower School and our amazing staff, Luqman would not have made the progress that he has so far! A donation made today will help our previously nonverbal students like Luqman to continue to grow their communication skills.

On this #GivingTuesday make your donation count by setting up a monthly gift. A contribution of just $10 a month can be easier on your pocket all while helping us to plan ahead. 

To learn more or donate visit donate.spectrum360.org