Now in its 10th year, Independence360’s annual food drive for Harmony House in Newark was a huge success, with the adults assembling 20 Thanksgiving dinner baskets for families in need.

I360 adults begin collecting foodstuff one month prior to the holiday, with donations from parents and families augmented by making trips themselves to the grocery story. On the big day, everyone gathers to assemble baskets containing everything needed for a great Thanksgiving dinner – from the turkey to gravy to mashed potatoes and don’t forget the pumpkin! Once that’s done, that baskets are loaded onto vans and make their way to Newark to be delivered to Harmony House residents, with everyone lending a hand along the way.

Lumane Metellus, SI360 Whippany Supervisor, writes: “We had the expectation of donating 10 baskets but we went above and beyond. We were able to donate 20 dinner baskets on our 10th year of donating to Harmony House. This experience means a lot to our adults and how they are able to give back to their community, and gives our guys a sense of purpose. None of this is possible without everyone’s help!”