What makes Independence360 special? Our clients! We hope you enjoy this look into one of the amazing people who make up our I360 community.

Alexander Leland

Alexander began attending Spectrum360’s Pre-school Program in 2001.  After 19 years of attending, he is 23 years old and continuing his journey at Independence 360.

At age 4, Alexander began taking private, home piano lessons and has learned to read music.  He plays classical, jazz, pop and more.  He performs at different venues in his community.  His favorite pastime at home is playing his piano which provides him the purest form of expression.  He also enjoys outdoor activities of biking, hiking, walking and gardening.  In addition, he enjoys eating at gourmet restaurants in New York City and Boston, and attending symphony orchestra and Broadway performances.  He is meticulous about being well dressed and groomed.

Monday through Friday he enjoys his full day schedule of activities with friends and staff at I360.