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How Do We Do It?

We work to ensure that each person enjoys positive quality of life, learns to become as independent as possible, and participates in meaningful work and recreational activities he or she enjoys.

Independence360 participants taking a selfie - community-based instruction at adult program in Whippany, NJFlexible Supports

We offer a flexible array of supports and services at our center location and in the community. As each adult gains increases in independence, the level of supports we provide adapts to meet his or her changing needs. This continuum allows for the increase and decrease of direct service supports and secondary supports on an as needed basis for adults with a variety of needs and abilities.

Individualized Approaches

Our unique “life coaching” approach engages adults based on their individual strengths, interests and aptitudes.

Community-based Learning

We view the entire community as a place to learn. Close relationships with our partner businesses and organizations help our adults develop skills for independence across all areas of life through community-based instruction and experiences.