Spectrum360’s holiday card features ornaments made by Workshop360, a prevocational initiative in the Young Adult Program at Academy360 Upper School.

Workshop360 was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, when many of the businesses which offered job placements to our students were closed or went out of business. Approximately 25 job sites were lost, and the faculty founded an in-house workplace where students could learn and practice all important job skills.

Approximately 18 young adults are employed by the workshop, which operates as a genuine business. Student employees clock in and out each day, complete the day’s goals, and practice practical and soft skills – taking direction, focusing on tasks and interacting professionally. Should workplace issues arise, it is possible student employees may be temporarily terminated until the appropriate skills are acquired to be reinstated.

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In the workshop students are divided into designers and woodworkers, who come up with what they want to sell and then set about creating them. They operate on a seasonal schedule, preparing items for Thanksgiving, the holiday season, Valentine’s Day and more.

Products are currently sold to staff, but they hope to increase their productivity to be able to sell to students, families and maybe even open an Etsy shop. All monies they currently make is reinvested in buying supplies or tools for the workshop.

We’re looking forward to seeing what our talented students create in the future!

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