Verona, NJ – November 5, 2019 – ProductionHUB, the global network of local crew and vendors that serves the film and video production industry with clients like NBC Universal, National Geographic, the NFL and Warner Brothers, has teamed up with FIlmAcademy360 a program of the New Jersey-Based non-profit, Spectrum360, which serves children, adolescents, young adults and adults on the autism spectrum and with behavioral and related disabilities. FIlmAcademy360 was launched in 2009 under the leadership of Dr. Bruce Ettinger, Executive Director of Spectrum360 and Program Director, David Dilanni to provide a hands-on educational environment designed to help diverse learners explore and learn through film making, video editing, game creation and graphic arts.

David Dilanni has led this program for 11 years and provides current students the opportunity to learn the basics of media production with the goal that they can attain jobs in various industries. He launched the Commercial Services division, which offers FilmAcademy360 students the opportunity to produce video and digital media for commercial assignments from private companies, non-profit organizations, local government agencies, and local TV and video producers and even promote their own work in an annual film festival. The partnership with ProductionHUB scales his efforts to find his students additional opportunities to expand their experience. “Many of our young adults with autism have the ability to work in high value job areas, like digital media production but have never been given the soft and hard skills to access those opportunities.” Dilanni explains. “We work with students on building the skills they need to be successful long term in this field, and create partnerships with other organizations, like ProductionHUB, to foster new learning and job opportunities.”

ProductionHUB was launched to solve the problems of hiring a full production company by providing an all-encompassing network of experienced crew and vendors for hire and a unified resource for industry professionals to market their services at affordable rates. The goal was to give anyone with experience the opportunity to promote themselves and eventually be hired for work. The partnership with FilmAcademy360 further exemplifies the mission of finding and hiring qualified professionals by providing the tools and resources needed on a global network. “ProductionHUB is thrilled to partner with FilmAcademy360 to equip these students with the necessary professional resources needed to find work in the production industry.” Shares John Pokorny, President of ProductionHUB.”By partnering with FilmAcademy360, we hope to set a precedent that providing equal opportunities for all will benefit everyone involved in production.”

As part of their standard partner onboarding, ProductionHUB is spending time with the FilmAcademy360 students for training of the platform as well as advising how to identify roles that they are best suited for their skill sets. The students are excited to experience this process of creating profiles, submitting resumes and applying for roles.

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About FilmAcademy360
Created by award-winning educator and media producer David DiIanni, FilmAcademy360 is a unique hands-on educational environment designed to help diverse learners explore and learn through filmmaking, video editing, game creation, and graphic arts. Its after-hours, weekend and summer programs are open to all. The program, which focuses on self-expression and vocational exploration, not only teaches technical skills but also is a place where students can develop confidence, self-esteem and form social networks. Students engage in their own film festival held every April, create content to become online influencers and work in paid internships at Fortune 500 companies. Many gain certifications, college credit and move into higher education in the field of TV Broadcasting and Digital Media. Visit FilmAcademy360 for more information.

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