Spectrum360 Strategic Plan: 2023-2026


Read the full report here:https://7944074c.flowpaper.com/spectrum360communitystrategicfullreport/#page=1

Our Mission

Spectrum360 provides people with autism and those with related challenges the specialized programs and supports they need to realize their aspirations, lead thriving lives, and fully engage with their families and in their communities.

Our Vision

Viewed as provider of choice for comprehensive and individualized services and programs.

Focused on the quality and impact of our services and programs.

A workplace where staff is engaged, supported and appreciated

The organization provides strong internal systems and supports for staff and those we serve.

Sufficiently funded through a diverse array of sources and income streams.

Recognized as a leader in our community based on the impact of our services and person-centered approaches.

Our Values

Person-Centered The interests of those we serve are the most important considerations in our decision-making process.

Curious We are open-minded; strive to continuously learn and improve; appreciate feedback; and encourage innovation.

Collaborative We work as partners with our colleagues, those we serve and their families and guardians, and our stakeholders.

Caring We are empathic, compassionate and accepting. We are sensitive to the needs and desires of our students, adults, families and guardians.

Acting with Integrity We are honest, transparent and accountable, to the greatest extent possible, in our interactions with those we serve, those we work with and our community.

Our Beliefs

Individual Rights Individuals with autism and those with related challenges have the right and should have the opportunity to live full and meaningful lives.

Respect Supports and services should respect the uniqueness of each individual and should be customized to best meet their needs and goals.

Nurturing We see the possibilities, potential and strengths of each individual we serve. We work to help bring these capabilities into the world and their lives.

Advocacy The families and guardians of those we serve, together with their individuals, are the first and most important advocates for their child or adult.

Inclusivity Our world and our communities should be places of inclusion and belonging.

Our Goals & Strategies


Prepare and respond to our anticipated growth and ensure the long-term stability of Spectrum360.


Become a leading employer in our
sector that attracts, retains and
rewards talent.


Strengthen our array of relationships and partnerships to deepen our engagement and impact in the community.


Build capacity of our internal systems to catch up with growth and create a sustainable operating model for the future.


To develop our Board, its composition, its practices and its partnership in governing and supporting the organization.

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