Webinars and Workshops

Throughout the year, Spectrum360 hosts a variety of webinars, workshops and events on special education, adult services and topics of interest to families and the community.

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Making the Future More Secure for Your Loved Ones with Special Needs – June 14

Learn how to plan for each important stage of life. This includes:

• Protecting government benefit eligibility

• Understanding simple but important parts of your will

• Funding special needs trusts and ABLE accounts

• Writing a letter of intent

Date & Time: June 14 at 630pm. Register here.


Spectrum of Options Webinar Archive

A list of Spectrum360 Webinars that have been recorded over the years.

Planning for Adulthood: Planning is Vital

Students and families must be actively involved in the transition planning process as early as possible and keep it moving forward. This webinar discussed the importance of planning, the steps necessary to plan and provides hands–on tools to put a plan in place.

June 2022

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Planning for Adulthood: Accessing Services

Everyone has a right to be involved in their community. There are many supports for people with disabilities to help them do just that. This webinar discusses support for accessing the community and will provide hands—on tools for helping students to obtain natural support in the community. It includes a discussion on how to navigate some of the challenges associated with accessing services.

May 2022

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Help Individuals with Autism Thrive

In this webinar, Laura Mead, MSEd, provides insights to support children and adults with autism through the current Pandemic and other unexpectedly difficult times. She discusses ways to discover what motivates children, how to teach behaviors you want to see, and how to ensure that both you and your child are having fun.

March 2021

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Autism, Puberty, and Sexuality: Behavioral Assessment and Education

Sexual education is a topic that is often difficult, or at least uncomfortable, for many parents and professionals to address with learners on the autism spectrum. However, it is a topic that will affect most individuals as they mature. This talk begins with an overview of background issues regarding sexuality in autism. Dr. Frank Cicero covers sexual development, sexuality knowledge, sexual behaviors, and common parent concerns. He provides strategies for teaching important social skills related to sexual expression and instructional methods for sexual behavior such as masturbation and personal hygiene.

November 2020

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Securing the Financial Future of Your Loved One with Special Needs

In this webinar, Donald T. Brown, ChFC, ChSNC will take you through a step-by-step journey on how to protect and preserve government benefits, protect financial assets, and focus on quality of life and lifetime of care for our special needs dependents.

October 2020

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Housing Options for Adults with Autism: Part 1: The Housing Crisis

In this session, Lisa Parles, ESQ, described the housing market’s history and scope for adults with autism and other related disabilities. She shared the challenges and barriers that you will encounter but will also ideas for hope.

September 2020

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Housing Options for Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Part 2: Rules, Regulations, and Financing

In the opening segment of this session, Diane Riley simplifies the complexity surrounding funding and help you piece together a strategy to make financing a reality. In the second half, Tom Toronto, an NJ-top expert in community-based housing, describes how you can work effectively with your municipality to obtain funding for housing options as well as gives updates on developments available throughout New Jersey.

September 2020

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Housing Options for Adults on the Autism Spectrum, Part 3: Innovative Housing Models

In this session, you will learn about two innovative models driven by families who had a vision for supportive housing based on the principles of inclusion. This video features Keldrick Wright from WILO and Nathaniel Diskint from CoHome.

September 2020

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Housing Options Part 4: Innovative Housing Model Continued and Q&A with Speakers

We will begin this session learning about another innovative model for housing. We close out our webinar series with the opportunity with a Q&A sessions with our speakers from the previous webinars and moderated by Dr. Bruce Ettinger.

October 2020

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