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A Spectrum of Options
Across a Lifetime

Academy360 is a NJ State Board of Education Approved Private School for students on the autism spectrum and with behavioral and related disabilities, ages 3-21.

Elementary students with teacher at Academy360, a private special education school in Verona, NJ

Lower School

High-quality early education is the most effective primary intervention for young children with  autism spectrum disorders and behavioral and other related disabilities. Our state-approved curriculum emphasizes effective, evidence-based interventions. It focuses not only on the acquisition of critical new skills, but also on socialization, language and communication strategies, and modifying behaviors that may interfere with learning and living.

Two female teen students at lunch at Academy360, a private special education school in Livingston, NJ

Upper School

With a strong academic component, life skills, and career development services, and instruction in special areas including art, music, and video production, our Upper School students have expanded opportunities to experience success and prepare for their future. We provide specialized support services to encourage more independence, and to help students be successful in an environment more like a typical high school.


Lower School students in music drumming class at Adademy360, a private special education school in Verona, NJ

At Academy360, we teach “the whole child,” so our students can discover and develop their own unique talents and abilities. Our students have the same learning activities and experiences that are provided to students in their local schools, with all of the 21st century technology, supports and accommodations they need to succeed.
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A Parent’s Perspective

Breanna’s Mother

“Any question I’ve ever had, any issue, any skill I just didn’t know how to teach, I had help every step of the way. I really feel this is why Breanna is who she is today. She’s doing math, she’s reading, she’s comprehending… She has now expressed she wants to get married, she wants to have a job, she wants to drive a car, and she wants a whole future.”


Recent News

A360 Upper School Presents The Little Mermaid

Have a look at our photo slideshow from the Upper School's amazing performance of "The Little Mermaid," held on May 31st and June 1st, 2017.  Click any image in the carousel to open the slideshow. [...]

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Ask the BCBA: 3 Strategies for Addressing Sleep Difficulties

For individuals on the autism spectrum AND their families, getting the recommended amount of sleep each night can seem like an impossible task. Difficulties include: inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, daytime sleepiness and a hard time remaining in the bedroom during nighttime wakefulness.

Unique Minds Celebrated at FilmAcademy360 Film Festival & Art Exhibit

For the third year, family, friends and the general public are invited to attend FilmAcademy360’s annual Film Festival. This exciting evening of film, video, and digital and traditional artwork will be held on Wednesday, May 17th at the Morris Museum's Bickford Theatre. Viewing starts at 6:30 pm.

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