Mission and Values

Spectrum360 was built to meet the needs of people with autism and related disabilities. Today – and every day – we work to provide an inclusive, warm and welcoming setting to help our students and adults thrive.  

Our mission

To provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language and social/emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential; recognize and value the individuals’ unique abilities, learning styles and differences; and serve as a leader in promoting innovative educational programs.

The Spectrum360 Story

What began as The Children's Institute in 1963 has grown into a place of learning and belonging for individuals with special needs. Read about how Spectrum360 came to be.

The Children’s Institute (TCI) opens its doors

as a state approved school for children with emotional and behavioral disabilities.


Dr. Bruce Ettinger

becomes the Executive Director of TCI.


TCI moves into the Verona Building

which will later become Academy360 Lower School.


TCI expands to Livingston

and creates what is now the Academy360 Upper School.


TCI creates the Center for Independence

now known as Independence360.


Technical arts programs

in film and culinary are created.


TCI is renamed Academy360

as part of the newly formed Spectrum360 organization, which also establishes FA360, CA360 and the renamed I360.


Academy360 Upper School celebrates

the opening of a 20,000-square-foot addition.


Ken Berger becomes Executive Director

and Dr. Bruce Ettinger retires.

Our values

We strive to help each person we serve to discover their unique talents, develop self-worth, and maximize opportunities for independence.

We see individuals

We see individuals. We don’t define people by their disabilities.

We offer opportunities

We offer our students and adults similar opportunities to those available to their typically- developing peers.

We create connections

We create a deep sense of belonging and connection for the individuals we serve, their families, our staff, and our supporters.

We foster relationships

We foster strong positive peer relationships and community connections through the research and implementation of innovative programs, services, supports, and strategies, staying abreast of the ever-changing field of autism.

We engage as thought-leaders

We value and engage in community-based instruction and integration as thought-leaders through education, training, support, and guidance to families, educators, and the larger autism community.

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