Master new dishes, refine skills and explore world cuisine in CulinaryAcademy360. After-school & weekend classes are open to students & aspiring chefs age 14 & up.


Master new dishes, build life skills and have fun by exploring the world of cooking.

We offer day time classes to all students and adults participating in Spectrum360 programs. Our after-school and weekend classes are open to everyone in the community, age 14 and up.

Lessons are crafted to instruct all levels of experience and ability. All learners are welcome.

Instructors use conversation and socializing to build excitement in the kitchen. Budding chefs discuss the culture and the history behind the dish. Where do the ingredients come from? What techniques do we use to make it? What are the safety rules of the kitchen? Hands-on experience encourages everyone to be involved.

He teaches my son a lot, and Dominic always looks forward to his class. Dominic tries to apply the skills from chef’s classes to our kitchen. He is always trying to prepare the students for real life situations.

Jackie Boscaino

Chef was very cognizant of understanding the drains on his students' time and emotional strength, so cooking class stayed the one area of least stress for Sal in a very stressful time. Other teachers also knew of Sal's interest in food, and would ask him what he was cooking that day. It became part of his identity and how he communicated with others.

Nicole Scimone

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