Adult Services Program of Spectrum360 located in Whippany, NJ.

Adult Program with a Difference

Independence360, also known as Spectrum360 adult services, helps enrich the lives of adults with autism and related disabilities.

Our day habilitation program offers a person-centered and tailored experience for our adults in an active, safe and supportive environment encouraging growth and development. Independence360’s prevocational/support employment services provides training for individuals seeking employment skills.

As approved vendors for the NJ Division of Developmental Disability (NJDDD) and Medicaid we maintain the highest standards and compliance requirements.

Our learning principles

Designed around four pillars to maximize the potential of our adults:

Life Skills

From daily community outings to hands-on activities, we encourage engagement by infusing key lessons and practice with an adult’s preferences and interest to help them reach their potential for full independence in as many life skill areas as possible.

Personal Development

Our goal is for our adults to learn and grow in areas that meet their interests, preferences, skills and needs, assisted by staff or an outside expert in that area. Volunteering, group outings and participating in the community is a core component of gaining confidence and independence.

Social Interactions

Respites, nights out, game nights, holiday parties, luncheons and other events are held often to encourage larger social interactions across our community and to create opportunities for friendship and deeper, more meaningful connections.

Prevocational Work

For adults with autism or other behavioral disabilities, becoming successfully employed is a significant mark of transitioning to adult life and becoming part of the larger community. Prevocational training, career planning, supported employment and mentoring are all options for job learners and seekers in taking the next step.

Day Habilitation Program

Focusing on three core content areas — life skills, social skills, and personal development — our adults receive training in technology, travel, health and fitness, money management, reading and writing for adult life, citizenship and civics, as well as recreational and sports/fitness opportunities.

From the outset, our dedicated staff spends time with each adult to identify their interests, preferences, skills, and abilities, as well as areas where training or support are needed. From there, a personalized schedule is designed, within a group setting of peers with similar cognitive, behavioral and social abilities, to provide a productive and engaged program.


Groups use the greater community as their classroom, so it’s not uncommon for clients to train in an area and then use the community to practice. These community-based instructions or trips happen four or five times a week. Schedules are busy and there’s very little downtime at I360.

Our program offers:

  • Use of technology: Helping to develop skills in email, Microsoft Office, Adobe design programs, Powerpoint and other tools
  • Work readiness: Both office and interpersonal skills, job-specific skills and training, career planning and assessment
  • Self-direction and self-advocacy: Helping adults learn to speak up for themselves
  • Healthcare and safety skills: Making doctor’s appointments, when to call 9-1-1, fire drills and appropriate conversations/verbal skills with first responders
  • Practical life skills: For self-management and increasing each individual’s ability to live as independently as possible, including travel training and household management
  • Self-expression: Communication skills and development
  • Money management and financial literacy: Checkbook and banking skills, budgeting and responsible debit and credit card use

Program Schedule

Our group-based lessons are broken down into 30-60 minute increments with daily day habilitation programming running from 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday.

All services provided by Independence360 are available through DDD approved budgets and Individual Service Plan (ISP) designated services, as well as private pay. Transportation is not provided to and from programming, but we do provide transportation within program hours to activities in the community. Clients use Access Link, UBER, LYFT, Private transportation companies, and personally drive themselves.

Prevocational Services

With a comprehensive intake process, job search and support efforts, our Prevocational Services provides opportunities for individuals seeking to learn employment skills as part of their transition to adult life.


Our program provides job placement and supported employment in Essex and Morris Counties. Adults work individually with employment specialists to secure competitive employment once they’ve completed their assessment and receive career planning to identify skills and strengthen areas that may be hindering competitive employment.

Vocational Services

Our vocational services staff work with our capable adults through every step of the employment process. From resume-building and practice interviews, to accompanying our adults to their interviews and job sites, we help them master responsibilities and acclimate to the work environment. All the while we’re also helping employers grow and learn to provide natural supports in the work environment, making a more empathetic work community and improving the culture in the businesses our clients work in.

Independence360's program teaches, strengthens and helps reinforce Jack's skills in areas such as math, reading and writing, communicating, and daily living, making it a little easier for him to navigate and understand daily life we all take for granted.

Steven R., Father

Being a part of the Independence360 (I360) Community for the past 2 1/2 years has been a life-saver for our family. If it weren’t for this program, Cara would be at home all day alone watching TV or listening to music and regressing significantly.

Elissa Minor, Parent

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