Four programs. A lifetime of learning.

Spectrum360 offers an array of services and individualized approaches that assist students and adults to learn and grow at a pace that suits them.

Our programs help students and adults build the skills they need today and for tomorrow.


Academy360 combines the flexibility of a private school with the experience of a public school to give students age 3-21 with autism and related disabilities the opportunity to grow, develop and learn at their own pace. Whatever their needs, we strive to help our students achieve a level of independence.


Our comprehensive day habilitation program helps enrich the lives of adults with autism and related disabilities through education, socialization and therapeutic support, so each individual can achieve their own maximum potential.


Our after-hours, weekend and summer programs — open to Academy360 students and budding filmmakers age 14 and up — provide exploration and learning through filmmaking, video editing, podcasting, game creation and graphic arts.


Master new dishes, refine skills and explore the world of cooking in our after-school and weekend classes — open to Academy360 students and aspiring chefs age 14 and up.

Spectrum360 voices

I’m dedicated to the mission that we have at our school. The students give back to me so much more than I can ever give back to them. I'm just so fulfilled by the students. I love working with the staff. And quite honestly, the parents are amazing. This has been home for me and it's a place where I can continue to grow and feel respected, they just fill our hearts.

Gina Catania, MA, M.Ed.,
Principal, Academy360 Lower School

Academy360 is my home away from home. I attended Academy360 for middle school and then went to public school. But I’ve been coming for the Adult Enrichment Program since it started in 2011. Attending the program has helped me to become more independent, figure out what I really enjoy in life, and make new friends.

Zach R., Student