Dominic started his first session at FilmAcademy360 this past spring. He has already completed his own project and is now working with a group of new friends on a collaborative project. Dominic has shown his intelligence and creativity in his very funny original scripts. We have also come to know him as a very social team player. We’re very happy to have Dominic in our FA360 family. Here’s what Dominic has to say about his experience at FA360:

FilmAcademy360 has taught me how to use cameras and sound equipment, the importance of being quiet while filming a scene, how to make a scene more dynamic using close-ups and camera angles, and how to transfer material from a camera onto a computer. It has been great because I get first-hand experience with the equipment and with the process of writing a script and then turning that script into a film.

My social connections at FA360 have allowed me to talk to people who have an interest in film and have helped me to understand the importance of communicating with people, as filmmaking is a collaborative profession.

I would recommend FA360 because it provides a person who is interested in filmmaking and using those skills professional or privately with many opportunities. It helps a person understand that sometimes one must be receptive to constructive criticism in order to improve their work.

I hope that I can make films in the future better so they can look closer to professional films.

Dominic is 31 years old. He graduated William Paterson University in 2016 and also has a Master’s Degree in History. He has volunteered with the Oakland Historical Society at the Van Allen House in Oakland. He held an unpaid intern position at the Dey Mansion, in Wayne, NJ, from 9/16-10/17, when the position was terminated due to construction. He is actively seeking employment. He enjoys history, video games, comic books, films, and is an avid collector of pop culture items.