For Independence360 adults, being active in the community means more than enjoying dining, shopping and leisure activities. Participants in our adult services program are also active in giving back to the places and organizations they enjoy.

Currently, a number of I360 participants are volunteering at two locations with great importance to the local area.

This summer I360 adults returned to the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, where they frequently had volunteered before the COVID-19 outbreak. Bathing animals is a continuous task in animal shelters, requiring lot and lots of dry cloths. Adults helped out in the laundry room, practicing life life skills washing, drying and folding a mountain of towels. In return, they enjoyed every shelter volunteer’s favorite reward: Petting and spending quality time with the cats.

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Groups from I360 also volunteered at Morristown National Historical Park. The volunteers helped with a number of important on-site maintenance projects to support the park:

  • Apple orchard: Assisted with taking down and putting back up the fencing, before and after the plot had been mowed and raked by park staff.
  • Wick Garden: Park pathways need regular maintenance, with pulling weeds and clearing other debris.
  • Wick House and Washington Headquarter Museum: Come autumn, there will be lots of raking assistance needed!

These and other volunteering opportunities will continue throughout the year, with our adults sharing their talents, interests and capabilities with the community around them.