As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, Principal Lynn Muir is about to say “See you soon” to her Academy360 Upper School “teamily.”

“See you soon,” because although Principal Muir is stepping down, we are happy to announce that Lynn will be staying on at Academy360 as its first ever Admissions Coordinator.

Lynn joined the staff of Academy360, then the Children’s Institute (TCI), in the spring of 2012 when it was decided to split TCI into two campuses to accommodate the needs of an expanding student body. In her eleven years as principal, she has guided Academy360 Upper School through a number of significant changes. From the implementation of a new curriculum, to the extensive expansion of the Upper School building and the immense task of shepherding staff and students through the COVID-19 pandemic, Lynn’s thorough mind, level-headed leadership and compassionate nature built success upon success. 

And as principal she also maintained site operations which includes but not limited to: carrying out school, district and state policies, maintaining safety of school and coordinating school activities.

Through it all, Lynn remained committed to her true passion: Education. She is a strong advocate for her students and committed to providing them with a high-quality education;  a respected leader in the education community, and is known for her passion for teaching and learning; a role model for her students, staff and colleagues; and an inspiration to all who know her.

Lynn is now moving on to a new, exciting phase in her career, assuming responsibility for driving Academy360 enrollment. She brings multidisciplinary expertise and a wealth of institutional knowledge to the new position of Admissions Coordinator.

“Lynn’s commitment to our students, belief in our mission and experience as an administrator and team leader make her a perfect fit for Academy360’s first Admissions Coordinator,” shares Ken Berger. “I’m glad we will continue to have her talents on our staff.”

Her experience in managing enrollment numbers, introducing new and prospective students to Spectrum360’s schools and the ability to work across several departments will serve her well in this role. Additionally, her top-to-bottom knowledge of Academy360 and Spectrum360’s inner workings makes her invaluable for the parents and district representatives we interact with. 

Lynn shares, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my career at Spectrum360, an organization that I believe in and truly love. Our multitude of programs have provided great support to many students and families, and I look forward to being able to expand the impact we have.”

Goodbye Principal Muir; Hello Admissions Coordinator Lynn!