At our Livingston campus, the school year began not only with new faces, but also with new spaces!

After more than nine months of construction, the new wing features approximately 20,000 square feet of extra classrooms, increased therapy space, an updated film studio, a “Makers Space,” and an impressive full-size gymnasium.

“It has been about two years since the inception of the idea to expand the Upper School took place, and now to walk the halls of what was a dream and is now a reality is surreal yet exciting,” says Lynn Muir, principal of Academy360 Upper School. “The students are so happy. They travel the halls grinning and exuding pride for their high school. Students like the large-size classrooms, the quietness of the classrooms and halls, as well as the soft lighting. They love the gymnasium! It makes all Cougars beam with pride.”

Here is a quick peek inside the new building. A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place in January, stay tuned for more photos!