Our student speakers at graduation are always moving, and this year was no exception.  Here are the scripts from this year’s speakers, Jamie and Theo. We are so proud of them and of all our 2018 Elementary, Middle School and High School graduates! To see a photo gallery of our graduation ceremonies, visit 2018 Academy360 Graduation Photo Galleries.

Jaime M., Academy360 Upper School High School Graduate

“Good morning staff, students, families, fellow graduates, and guests. As most of you know, my name is Jaime Moraitis. I started going to TCI on Friday, September 5, 2008. I never forget a date! I felt a little shy at first, but then I saw how nice the teachers and the students were which made me feel safe. As the years went by, I became more confident and I’m proud of my accomplishments.

I developed close friendships with Abby, Alexander, India, Tania, Dylan, Ryan, Robbie, and of course, Kevin. I enjoyed English with Ms. DiSarno, Government with Mr. Winterrowd, Consumerism with Ms. Releford, Math with Mr. Ostroman, Science with Ms. Sparacino, Transition Skills with Ms. Messinger, Daily Living Skills with Ms. Porcelli, power hour, film, and coding with Mr. DiIanni, Computers with Mr. B, PE with Mr. Waters and Mr. Dent, Health with Ms. Curci, Culinary Arts with Chef Matthews, Music with Mrs. Feldman, Horticulture with Ms. Mainardi, and Infused Speech with Ms. Schwarzbaum and Ms. Lanigan.

In the year 2013, I started going out to work for the Community Based Work Experience program. I learned how to alphabetize at Mountainside and Saint Barnabas Hospitals, put price stickers on items at [words] Bookstore and Bari’s Baubles, sort clothing at Marshalls and clean up at Godfather’s Pizza. In each of these places, I improved my ability to socialize and communicate with people.

Through the years, I have gone on many Community Based Instruction outings. Some of them were Dunkin’ Donuts, Michael’s, Verona Park, Livingston High School track, Livingston Mall, and a variety of supermarkets and restaurants. I’ve become very good at ordering food, figuring out the cost of my order, and finding different food and clothing items in the supermarkets and mall.

Let’s not forget about the great girls’ respite weekends with Ms. Hesse. I really enjoyed Bowling, Sky Zone, Paper Mill Playhouse, going to Shop Rite for breakfast and lunch items and going out to restaurants for dinner. These are the greatest memories for me.

The highlight of my time at Academy360 was playing the role of Marta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, and starring in The Little Mermaid as Ariel. It was a lot of work to memorize my lines and learn the songs, but it was well worth it! Thank you, Mrs. Feldman, for making me the star. I will always remember that.

I loved ending my time at A360 with the prom, and the graduation trip to Point Pleasant. They were both happy memories that I will never forget.

Thank you, Ms. Muir and Ms. Cue for making this school such a special place. I’d also like to thank my family for their love and dedication. To my fellow graduates, good luck to all of you! Remember to continue to dream big!

I’m leaving Academy360, but I will keep in touch with everyone and come back and visit as much as I can. I will certainly miss you!

It’s been an amazing 10 years for me!

Thank you all at Academy360!”

Middle School student in cap and gown
Theo C.

Theo C. – Academy360 Lower School Middle School Graduate

“Good Morning Students, Staff, Families, and Friends:

My name is Theo and I came to Academy360 when I was 7 years old. When I first started I would sometimes get upset. I would cry, scream and throw tantrums. These behaviors would stop me from learning and completing my academic work.

I learned how to talk through my frustrations with Mr. Scillieri and other staff members.  After this, I learned how to talk with eye contact with Ms. Dunning. Once I had these skills, I was ready to challenge myself academically. Mrs. Perkins is the one who challenged me in reading and writing. These are just a few ways I have grown.

I will use these skills in the future as I move up to 9th. I want to wish the class of 2018 the best!”