Welcome to September!

This is a year of change for Spectrum360, with familiar and not-yet-familiar faces stepping into new roles with the organization. Let us re/introduce you to the people joining our leadership team.


Tara Hayek assumed the role of Academy360 Lower School Principal in the Spring of 2023. Already well-known to the Spectrum360 family, with 31 years of service in our education program, Tara is now about to embark on her first full year as head of the Lower School.

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Joining Principal Hayek at the Lower School is Michlyn Petrosini, the new Assistant Principal-in-Training and Supervisor of Curriculum.

Michlyn Petrosini has served as the Lower School’s Supervisor of Curriculum since 2021 and is currently attending Montclair State University to attain her principal certification. Michlyn joined A360 as a paraprofessional in 2010. She has earned degrees/certifications from four different universities to become a classroom teacher in the preschool/elementary program, a BCBA, a remedial reading teacher in our Reading Lab, and was ultimately promoted to Supervisor of Curriculum.

Michlyn is passionate about creating an educational environment where all of our students can thrive. She is excited to support Principal Hayek and all the Academy360 Lower School staff and students.

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Kelly Cue was promoted to Academy360 Upper School Principal in June of 2023, following Lynn Muir’s move to Admissions Coordinator. The former Assistant Principal officially assumed the role on July 1 and has had a busy start to her tenure, jumping straight into our ESY session.

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Principal Cue welcomed new Assistant Principals this summer, Noelle DiGiacomo and Megan Maguire, both of whom are well known to our Academy360 families.

Noelle DiGiacomo has been a part of our organization since beginning as a paraprofessional at TCI in 2008. She advanced to Reading Specialist in 2010 and in 2021 became Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction. Her extensive experience working with teachers, students, families, districts and administration is a valuable asset to our team.

Noelle is passionate about Spectrum360’s mission and Autism Awareness and Acceptance; she has been co-chair and active member of our school’s Autism Awareness/Acceptance committee for many years. Her commitment to helping students reach their highest potential has been evident throughout her career.

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For over 16 years, Megan Maguire has been a valued member of our staff. She began her time in 2007 in a dual role as a Behaviorist and Counselor, before shifting into a Behavior Analyst role the following year, and rose to BID Coordinator. In 2016 Megan was named Supervisor of the Behavior Intervention and Clinical Department. Megan’s work with our behavior analysts, BID assistants and school counselors, while also carrying her own behavioral caseload and working with students, staff, and families provided a vital service to our student body. Megan also provides BCBA supervision to candidates pursuing their BCBA certification.

Megan’s dedication, coupled with her passions for autism, animals, and running, exemplify her as a well-rounded and compassionate educator.

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Following the retirement of S360’s longtime Human Resources manager Patty Nelson, Spectrum360 welcomed Nathan Nassif as our Human Resources Manager and Chief Compliance Officer. In this role he ensures that Spectrum360’s hiring processes and staff retention initiatives align with our organization’s mission.

Prior to joining S360, Nathan held frontline executive positions at a number of different financial services and technology firms including MPI, Foresters Financial, and CI RegentAtlantic Private Wealth.

Nathan is passionate about creating collaborative cultures through inclusive and people-centered leadership. He is committed to special needs education and adult habilitation programs, substance use disorder treatments, and health and financial equity in disadvantaged/vulnerable populations. He currently serves as Board Chair of Damon House, Inc., a residential treatment agency located in New Brunswick, NJ.

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To learn more about all of Spectrum360’s leaders, visit our Leadership Team page.